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The Maxwell House-Pasadena Wedding

Venue: https://www.maxwellhousepasadena.com/

Photography: https://www.emilenephotography.com/

Meet Alison & Troy.

They actually had an intimate wedding in Savannah, Georgia with only their immediate family present prior to this. But, they wanted to also celebrate their union with their extended family in Los Angeles. Their theme was 1920's Swing which only sounds right when you're holding your event at the #MaxwellHouse.

The Maxwell House is a historic mansion and wedding venue located in the heart of downtown Pasadena, California. This unique, Mediterranean Italianette-style mansion was built in the 1920s as a private residence for the Maxwell family. It features tile roofing, stucco walls, a strong Palladian entrance, and elaborate detailing. The Maxwell House offers couples multiple indoor and outdoor settings for both their ceremony and reception.

Guest book idea: find a vintage dictionary, have your guests choose a word they think reminds them of you and leave their comment. They can use markers to mark off the page their word is on. It's a creative way of getting your guests thoughts. Also ideal for those that get stumped on what to say.

This was such a nice touch that adds on to the 1920's theme. Their Photo Booth looked like an old school film camera but was actually really modern inside. The background was a really fun pop-up!

This room was used for cocktail hour.

Check out these adorable barrels! They actually had wine in them lol

Alison & Troy made good use of the space by showcasing their Georgia wedding photos on the top right.

After getting some important detail shots, I checked in with Alison and her bridal party as they were getting ready.

4 generations in 1 photo- Alison, hugging her mother as her pregnant sister & grandma wait for their turn.

Once Alison & Troy finished getting ready, we started taking beautiful portraits and then, went right around the corner to the Colorado Street Bridge!

Facing towards the sun and from the side create completely different looks but, both are still so awesome.

Shortly after, we returned back to the venue because the fun was about to begin.

I love this shot because it reminds me of a rack in 8 ball.

Something very memorable about this wedding was that Alison & Troy hired Swing dance instructors to teach their guest some basic steps. Needless to say, their guests were enjoying every bit of it!

No second shooter, just me- I shot this wedding entirely by myself. No second photographer, no assistant either. But just because I shoot alone, that does not mean I stay in one place. I make sure to be constantly moving around and strive to get interesting angles always. My clients trust in my ability and were thrilled when they saw the final images!

The view from the second floor- Good glimpse of the swing dance instructors teaching the guests while they went along with their partners. But, a party is nothing without music! Ali & Troy hired a Swing music band! They were very talented and really helped set the mood.

After some fun dancing, we all gathered around for the ceremony.

What I really liked was how all the bridal party and parents were introduced.

First, the groomsmen and bridesmaids formed two lines facing one another & were introduced individually.

There were a bit more bridesmaids than groomsmen :)

Up next were the parents of the bride and groom. They walked inside from the main entrance and waved hi as everyone cheered on.

On the left photo, we have Alison's parents. On the right photo, we have Alison's grandmother & her brother-in-law.

On the left photo, we have Troy's mother and step-father.. On the right photo, we have Troy's father.

Once everyone was introduced, the bride & groom walked down from the 2nd floor to meet everyone downstairs. We gathered around as the ceremony started.

Tender moments as the couple's parents watch the exchange of vows. So much love in their eyes!

No flash- You've probably noticed by now that I have not used any flash. It was not because I didn't bring any lighting gear with me but, because of the space. You see, there was so much beautiful natural light coming from all corners of the mansion. Instead of fighting against it, I wanted to work with it. Using flash, would've bounced off the walls & would have been so irritable to the guests eyes eventually. I certainly did not want to be that photographer.

Up close & personal- Throughout the entire ceremony, I was actually crouched down on the floor. I did not want to block anyones view and I'm so happy I did. I was not only to capture close-ups of the newlyweds and their families but, as soon as I turned around I was able to capture the faces of the most special people in their lives. This is by far, one of my treasured photograph.

It was time for their first dance together as husband & wife.

The Father-Daughter dance :)

Troy's father delivered a hilarious speech. He made the entire room light up with his wit.

Shortly after, we gathered outside for dinner.

I really hoped you enjoyed looking through the photos from Alison & Troys wedding at the Maxwell House.

Ali & Troy, thank you for trusting in me to capture your special day! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!

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