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Luminarias- Monterey Park Wedding Anniversary

Meet Ruth & Danilo.

Together they have built a home, raised 2 boys, and are celebrating their 25th year anniversary. The day began at Templo Belen, a Hispanic church in Los Angeles, where they got married 25 years earlier. After the ceremony, we continued the celebration at Luminarias in Monterey Park.

I took a documentary approach and captured important moments as they unravelled throughout the day. A fun fact I'd like to share with you is that although I had assisted other wedding photographers before, this was my very FIRST time shooting a wedding anniversary all by myself! Fortunately, I counted on the help of Evelyn as my assistant throughout the day. I'm so thankful that my clients trusted in my abilities and I'm very happy to share the photos with you! I hope you enjoy Ruth & Danilo's 25th Wedding Anniversary.

You see the projection on the top right corner? That's actually their wedding video playing at the start of their ceremony as their guests arrived to church. It was so special to see how far they've come as a married couple!

Here comes the bride! This is Ruth, being escorted by her father. Look at her gorgeous dress! Silver & Pink were also the theme of her ceremony and reception details :)

This is Danilo, her husband smiling as Ruth walks down the aisle.

The two young men standing next to him are their sons.

This photo is the most meaningful because this was the exact spot they had taken a portrait just after they exchanged vows 25 years earlier! So of course we had to take a mandatory here! We then headed inside for some family portraits and headed to their reception over at #Luminarias

After the special speeches, Ruth & Danilo wanted to engage with their guests in a very special way. They asked their guests some funny and deep questions about marriage. This was such a memorable and intimate experience. I'm very happy to have had the privilege to have shared that moment with them.

Some folks touched on hilarious topics on what it takes to make a marriage work.

But others, like this gentleman, focused on the hardships one can face in a marriage. He talked about his personal battle with alcohol and how it was destroying his family, marriage and entire life. He mentioned that he was able to overcome his obstacles and thanks to the Lord, he and his family are now doing great.

While he spoke, I captured some candids of his family.

They couldn't hold back the tears and it was such a special moment between them.

It was then time for delicious cake! Ruth & Danilo requested group photos with their guests during this time & then some portraits of just them two.

I really hope you enjoyed Ruth & Danilo's 25th year Wedding Anniversary. It was a pleasure working with you both and I hope God allows me to capture your 50th one day!

Church: Templo Belen-

https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Religious-Organization/Templo-Belen-313469615334389/ Venue: https://www.luminariasrestaurant.com/

Photography: https://www.emilenephotography.com/

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