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Long Beach Harbor Engagement Session

We were originally going to shoot Elena & Raul's engagement session at El Matador beach hoping to catch the sunset. Sadly, the high tide made it impossible to work with. After giving it some thought, we decided to move the session to Long Beach Harbor instead and I'm so happy we did because we focused on making it a formal attire session only since we had already gotten a casual look before. If you're curious to see those photos, you can check them out here. There's nothing quite like dressing up to celebrate your engagement. Formal outfits also make for stunning engagement photos!

It was my very first time here. I could not believe just how close we were to the Queen Mary! It was the perfect back drop! Further down our stroll we saw the lighthouse so of course we were going to get some photos there as well. I was super excited because there were so many little scenes in the shoreline to work with.

Today, I was working along with my awesome assistant, Evelyn!

This is us :)

We were there a bit early to not only find parking, but scope out the place as well. Once we were done, we enjoyed some chocolate ice cream while patiently waiting for my clients.

They arrived shortly after this selfie and then we got to work! I really hope you enjoy this #LongBeachHarborEngagementSession

This was the last shot from this awesome engagement session. I had so much fun photographing Elena & Raul at the Long Beach Harbor & Shoreline and I can't wait to shoot their wedding next! You can check out the photos here.

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