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El Matador Beach Engagement Session

Meet Scarlette & Nick.

No matter how many times I shoot at this location, the photos will always come out different. I love shooting here for its vast mix of ocean, mountain, and land variation. Every couple is unique and as I capture their interactions, the result is always true to them and their love. When we arrived at El Matador Beach, the high winds intimidated us but, we quickly got to shooting as the air would constantly be throwing small pebbles in our eyes (and lens) which made it difficult to work with. Nonetheless, this is by far one of my favorite sessions I have ever captured. We first started with the formal outfits & decided on the casual wear for the actual beach. I really hope you love the photos from this session as much as I do!

It's amazing to capture the magic that is nature, unfold.

Ok, I would be lying if I told you that I did not internally scream of excitement/happiness when I got this shot! I put in that work, snuck deep into some cave, & shot outwardly towards my couple. I got THEE shot, honey! I want to be remembered by this masterpiece right here, haha! #proud

I really hope you enjoyed Scarlette & Nick's engagement session at El Matador Beach!

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