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El Matador Beach Engagement Session

Meet Elena & Raul. Their hearts were set on the beautiful, El Matador Beach up in Malibu, Ca, as the location for their engagement session. Originally, we had made plans to shoot one week prior on a Saturday. When we arrived, a long line of cars patiently waited for the next open parking space in the already tiny parking lot. The place has gained a lot of popularity since I last shot here so it was quite packed.

Nonetheless, we made our way towards the beach. That's when we noticed a sign that said "no cave access from 4pm-7pm," which was our exact photoshoot time! The whole point was to shoot inside and around the famous cave during sunset! I panicked inside but remained hopeful.

As we got closer, we saw just how flooded it became due to the high tides & decided to postpone our shoot. If you are thinking of having a photo session here, make sure to go during a weekday. Less crowds & more parking spaces. Also, make sure to check online for an update on the tides as the cave can flood very early in the day.

I'm so happy we did both of those things because we got so many wonderful photos this time around. I hope you enjoy this, El Matador Beach engagement session!

No matter what type of portrait session I do, I encourage and welcome more than 1 choice of outfit. This way we get more variety while looking through the final edits in your online gallery. With the help of my trusty, portable pop-up changing room, this eliminates the inconvenience of having to walk to & from the bathroom.

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